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  • slider/color_HV_db_shapefile - Low Res.jpg

    ALOS-2 PALSAR L-band SAR image of Chichawatni Irrigated Plantation in false color

  • slider/Identification of Hakra Paleochannel through optical and SAR data fusion - Low Res.jpg

    Identification of Hakra Palaeochannel through Optical and SAR data fusion

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    Dr. Rizwan Bulbul giving a talk at NSDI discussion forum, Planning Commission, Govt. of Pakistan, Summer 2015

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    Satellite-based 3D city modeling

  • slider/TEDx.jpg

    Dr. Waqas A. Qazi presenting at TEDx Islamabad, Nov. 2015

Geospatial Research and Education Lab (GREL) has been established at Department of Space Science, Institute of Space Technology (IST) with the vision of doing quality research and imparting state of the art education in the emerging fields of Geographic Information Science (GISc) and Remote Sensing (RS).

Our aim is to to attain an international reputation as a center of excellence in GISc, RS and integrated technologies. GREL is the first OSGeo lab in Pakistan having objectives;