This is a graduate-level course on remote sensing using active radar. It presents an overview of radar basics, radar signals, interaction of radar with targets, and different remote sensing applications. It is expected that students will develop a quantitative understanding of radar system design and requirements for remote sensing, how different kind of targets interact with radar signals, and how the analysis of these returned signals can help us in gaining information about different properties of the target, e.g. composition, structure, shape etc. This course will NOT prepare you to build a radar hardware system, rather how the radar system can be used for remote sensing and extracting useful information from targets using remote sensing. A course project will let students work on processing and analyzing data acquired from a radar remote sensing instrument of their choice, and present the results. More details about the project will be provided during the course. Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of mathematics is required. Knowledge of Fourier transforms, signal processing, etc. is recommended and will be very helpful in this course. Knowing basics of programming will help students to gain more from this course. Students who don’t have the recommended skills should be prepared to work and study extra.