This is an extensive graduate-level course on data analysis methods and techniques for datasets related to earth sciences, remote sensing, and geographical information science. It gives exposure to students on a variety of traditional and modern quantitative mathematical / statistical methods for analyzing data. The course will require extensive use of MATLAB as a programming and data analysis tool. Regular assignments will be given, and will form an integral part of the course learning.

A course project will let students apply the data analysis methods learnt in class on real datasets of their own choice. The output of the class project will be in the form of a presentation and report. More details about the project will be provided during the course.


The required prerequisite for taking this elective course is RG 701 Advanced Research Methods

Strong background in mathematics and understanding of the basics of statistics are required as a necessary pre-requisite for this course. Students are expected to know or learn programming on MATLAB, and gain relevant expertise on MATLAB during the course. Consent from instructor is required for each student before registration of this course.